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Rush (2013, Ron Howard)

This is an odd one at times: Howard plunges us into the racing world of the 1970s with greater context, instead focusing on the contrasting lives of two up and coming drivers. For someone who isn’t a racing fan, this must be really confusing. I was a little lost at first.

But the movie improves steadily from there. (And, it’s not that it’s bad, initially, just a little hard to follow.) And the true story this is based on is crazy enough that there is plenty of suspense and drama even though Howard doesn’t appear to be the world’s greatest car racing director.

The casting is pretty good – both leads are good and both romantic leads look remarkably like their historical counterparts – and the pacing improves at the film goes along.

But the focus is a little too myopic for me, a little too focused on the rivalry and the rivals’ romantic struggles, rather than the greater context of F1 in the ’70s and what these two meant to their sport.

Still, it was enjoyable.


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