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Your Arsenal (1992) by Morrissey

I hate Morrissey, both personally, as I find him an objectionable human being and cannot understand why anyone would find him charming, and musically, as I find The Smiths really underwhelming and Morrissey’s solo music (that I’ve heard) to be hilariously middlebrow for someone so full of attitude. Morrissey talks a lot about a certain type of music and then makes music very different from that. He basically doesn’t walk his own talk. And his music is boring.

But colour me surprised: this isn’t awful. This band has more muscle to it, at times, than even The Smiths (shock! horror!), even if that muscle is very traditional. The music, which is pretty revivalist but well performed, helps me digest Morrissey’s lyrics, which I do not like, as usual. (I mean, if you’re going to try to be such a wit, maybe you should get some people to write some better music for you?) As Morrissey albums, go, I sort of like this.

But I read that it’s considerably rockier than his previous output (that’s a surprise) and so you won’t find me digging through those albums to see if I have been wrong about this man all this time.

He still sucks even if this album is passable.


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