2017, Daily Log, Personal

The Log for Monday July 31, 2017

What I Ate

  • Breakfast: frittata and toast; glass of tea
  • Morning: 2 glasses of tea; apple
  • Lunch: 2 kielbasa, tomato and cheese sandwiches with mayo and mustard
  • Dinner: panzanella and pizza; ginger ale
  • Dessert: ice cream

What I Did for Exercise

  • Completed a 30 minute YouTube on the exercise bike
  • Lifted weights
  • Walked to Ossington, walked down the stairs at Ossington, jogged up the stairs at Sherbourne
  • Walked down the stairs at Sherbourne, jogged up the stairs at Ossington, walked home

What I Did with My Life

  • Wrote
  • Did some work for a client
  • Went to work for a client

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