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I’m Still in Love With You (1972) by Al Green

The first time I heard an Al Green record, I must say I was disappointed. I had heard so much about his music over the years that I guess I was bound to be disappointed. In addition to the hype, I think I was probably disappointed by the lack of variation in the record. I know that’s typical of the genre but when you’ve brought yourself up on bands that genre-hop, sometimes it’s hard to get into single-genre stuff.

Well, I like this record significantly more. For one thing, it’s considerably funkier than the other record of his I’ve heard. The emphasis feels like it’s more on the groove than on anything else. And, though my memory might have failed me, I feel like the focus is much more on his singing too.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that it sounds to me more like what I was expecting the first time I listened to one of his records. And that makes sense because I think this has the better reputation; it’s regarded as more of a classic.

I still have a hard time absolutely loving these types of records – single-genre records that are about one particular mood – but I think this is as good as they get.


  1. “I’m Still in Love with You” Al Green, Al Jackson Jr., Willie Mitchell 3:12
  2. “I’m Glad You’re Mine” Al Green 2:57
  3. “Love and Happiness” Al Green, Mabon Hodges 5:07
  4. “What a Wonderful Thing Love Is” Al Green 3:40
  5. “Simply Beautiful” Al Green 4:11
  6. “Oh, Pretty Woman” Bill Dees, Roy Orbison 3:23
  7. “For the Good Times” Kris Kristofferson 6:27
  8. “Look What You Done for Me” Al Green, Al Jackson, Jr., Willie Mitchell 3:05
  9. “One of These Good Old Days” Al Green 3:24
  • Charles Chalmers – arranger, horn arrangements, string arrangements, background vocals
  • Sandra Chalmers – background vocals
  • Al Green – lead vocals
  • Howard Grimes – drums, rhythm section
  • Jack Hale, Sr. – horn section, trombone
  • Charles Hodges – drums, organ, piano
  • Leroy Hodges – bass
  • Mabon “Teenie” Hodges – guitar
  • Al Jackson, Jr. – drums
  • Ali Muhammed Jackson – drums
  • Wayne Jackson – horn section, trumpet
  • Ed Logan – tenor horn, tenor saxophone
  • Andrew Love – tenor horn, tenor saxophone
  • James Mitchell – string and horn arrangements, tenor horn, baritone saxophone
  • Willie Mitchell – engineer, producer
  • Donna Rhodes – background vocals
  • Sandra Rhodes – background vocals
  • Larry Walsh – mastering

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