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Urban Discipline (1992) by Biohazard

Finally some rap metal that actually sounds like metal. That is the virtue of the band, I guess. They are much more recognizable as metal.

But much of the “rapping” is shouting, really, which feels both very white and much more punk than hip hop. If I was a hip hop fan, that might piss me off.

Not knowing much about this whole scene, I assume these guys are rather a big deal – given that they are actually metal – compared to their lighter brethren. But my enjoyment of this record but be greatly increased by the presence of a good singer. (I realize that having such a singer would make this band less unique. Alas…)

There’s a fair amount to like here, as the songs are pretty pummeling and the music regular makes up for the shouting,rapping and bad singing. I try not to listen to the lyrics because they are a little too much of that ilk where people are trying to express themselves but lack the poetic ability. (“Shades of fucking gray” people. That’s a lyric.)

I think if I was a fan of rap metal, or if I was less into variety in metal, I would like this more. But I must say that I respect its commitment to its style and I suspect it was pretty influential. (Also, at least this is metal.)


All tracks written by Biohazard, unless otherwise noted

  1. “Chamber Spins Three” 3:41
  2. “Punishment” 4:44
  3. “Shades of Grey” 3:27
  4. “Business” 4:04
  5. “Black and White and Red All Over” 4:04
  6. “Man With a Promise” 3:20
  7. “Disease” 4:01
  8. “Urban Discipline” 5:34
  9. “Loss” 5:20
  10. “Wrong Side of the Tracks” 3:37
  11. “Mistaken Identity” Biohazard, Mick Devitt 4:32
  12. “We’re Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)” Greg Graffin 2:19
  13. “Tears of Blood” 4:52
  14. “Hold My Own” 2:51
  • Evan Seinfeld – lead vocals, bass
  • Billy Graziadei – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Bobby Hambel – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Danny Schuler – drums

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