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New Year’s Evil (1980, Emmett Alston)

I live tweet this one, though I didn’t do a very good job. I was kind of hoping more people would be doing the same, but only 5 people were into it, it seems. Anyway: as far as I know, this is the only New Year’s Eve horror film. It was the only one we could find anyway. It’s about as good as the ’80s Christmas horror movies. I know, that’s shocking.

The premise of this is, as you might imagine, dumb. A host of a “new wave” show is hosting some kind of “best song of the year” contest. This band called Shadow (no wikipedia entry) are playing the movie’s theme song over and over (it plays 4 times). They are not new wave; they are closer to New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but barely. (A new wave band called “Made in Japan” shows up later, but only briefly.) She soon gets a call from someone – “speaking through a kazoo” as one twitter user put it – who says he’s going to kill someone at midnight in each time zone. Being that this is an American movie, he means each American time zone, for the contiguous United States only. (Before I figured that out, I was wondering why he started 17 hours behind…) Fortunately, he’s just killing people in California, so the logistics are not insurmountable.

The plot is dumb, as you can see, but not too different from any other movie like this. The script is shitty (shocking!) and there are some continuity errors. The acting is no better and no worse than similar ’80s “holiday” slasher films. The main drawback of this one, really, is that it is more boring than most. (Until the climax, the death scenes are pretty uncreative.) Otherwise, it’s just as incompetent and just as run-of-the-mill as so many other of these movies. Literally the only thing that makes it notable is the New Year’s theme.


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