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Motherscratcher (1993) by Ed Hall

This is the kind of music I really like: sloppy, noisy music played by a band that could be more professional if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. There is one song in particular that hints at their chops in a really exciting way and I wish there was more of that particular style of music as I think these guys would be more compelling if they showed off their chops a little more than just playing noisy.

Imagine the Butthole Surfers at their noisiest and least weird, or a bluesier, sludgier, slower Jesus Lizard, or a less arty Girls Against Boys and you sort of get the idea of this band.

And I want to love this record even though the songs are maybe not there. But there’s a big 23 minute problem that I could ignore but I have chosen not too: sometimes credited “[untitled]” sometimes credited “Helen Reddy On the Green Couch,” the album ends with a 23-minute sound collage featuring guitar feedback and samples of voices which would, I guess, would be pretty daring on a punk album in the 1970s, in addition to being obnoxious (which is the point, I think). But given how different it sounds from the band’s actual music, and given how unoriginal it is, and given how fucking unbelievably long it is, it made me drop the record down a point. I could ignore it, but Ed Hall chose to put in on their record.

But if you ignore the “bonus” track, it’s pretty great stuff if you are into noise rock of the post hardcore variety.

All tracks written by Gary Chester, Lyman Hardy and Larry Strub.

  1. “White House Girls” 3:12
  2. “Big Head” 3:58
  3. “Lungs” 4:33
  4. “Dave the Prophet” 4:10
  5. “Gnomes” 6:33
  6. “Satori in Manhattan, Kansas” 3:46
  7. “Twenty Dollar Bill” 3:57
  8. “Leave Me Alone” 5:08
  9. “Urgent Message for All Mankind” 2:26
  10. “Afghani Harvest Period” 7:45
  11. [untitled]
  12. [untitled]
  13. [untitled]
  14. [untitled]
  15. [untitled]
  16. [untitled]
  17. [untitled]
  18. [untitled]
  19. [untitled]
  20. [untitled]
  21. [untitled]
  22. [untitled]
  23. “[untitled]” 23:55
  • Gary Chester – electric guitar, vocals
  • Lyman Hardy – drums
  • Larry Strub – bass guitar, vocals


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