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Thor: Ragnarok (2017, Taika Waititi)

The third Thor movie is so refreshing compared to what came before it. It’s still yet another flawed Marvel movie, but at least it doesn’t take itself seriously. Thank science for that.

I have been told other Marvel movies were going to be funny, but this is only the second film that lived up to that promise. This is by far the silliest Thor film. And, in addition to that, the galaxy-travelling story feels more like Guardians of the Galaxy, or even something akin to a 21st century science fiction film, rather than an Avengers film. Both of those things are just sooo refreshing, it almost felt like I was watching something that wasn’t part of this ridiculous, gigantic, formulaic movie series.

But there are still lots of problems – it’s prat of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so you should expect no less.

First off, the CGI is at times way too noticeable. Specifically, Cate Blanchett’s fight scenes with other humans are sometimes are just CGI, with no actual sign of the actors.

And like all Marvel movies, this is way too damn long. Why is it over 2 hours long? There are a couple of fight scenes that don’t even need to be in the movie, and the ones that are there drag. (Of course they do, this is Marvel. ) There’s not really enough story to carry the length of the film, so it’s padded out with extended fight scenes. But again, why does it need to be this long? I tighter film would be better.

But still, this is better than most of them. It’s more entertaining and though it deals with the fate of a planet, it sure feels less “Batle for the End of Civilization” than some of the Avengers movies. (Yes, the stakes are still ridiculously high, but the levity around it makes the stakes less ridiculous.) And Jeff Goldblum’s minor bad guy is among the most ridiculous of the various movies, so far. (That’s a good thing.)


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