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Last Splash (1993) by The Breeders

This is a relatively diverse set of pretty catchy alternative rock songs, most of which manage to sound unique enough to stand out from the sheer number of records like this.

It turns out that Kim Deal is that rare second fiddle of a major band that has enough material of her own to support a solo or side project. I think it would be reasonable to assume that she wouldn’t be able to write an hour’s worth of good enough songs, given how little material she contributed to the Pixies – was allowed to contribute to the Pixies? – and you might also worry how similar this record might sound to the Pixies. But “No Aloha” is, for me, the only song that sounds way too much like a Black Francis song and most of Deal’s songs are catchy enough or interesting enough to make me forget about that other job of hers.

Deal’s lyrics are not my favourite, I must say, but I do at least appreciate that she’s doing her own thing.

But I think the biggest surprise is the diversity of the sound. This is no “Female Pixies” nor is it Riot Girrrl. It’s a relatively diverse alternative rock record that dabbles in roots rock like alternative rock bands often do, and every style is pulled off convincingly.

The record also manages well the tricky balance between the fairly hooky vocals and the crunchy guitars.

I’m impressed.


All tracks written by Kim Deal, except where noted.

  1. “New Year” 1:56
  2. “Cannonball” 3:33
  3. “Invisible Man” 2:48
  4. “No Aloha” 2:07
  5. “Roi” 4:11
  6. “Do You Love Me Now?” (Kim Deal, Kelley Deal) 3:01
  7. “Flipside” 1:59
  8. “I Just Wanna Get Along” (Kim Deal, Kelley Deal) 1:44
  9. “Mad Lucas” 4:36
  10. “Divine Hammer” 2:41
  11. “S.O.S.” 1:31
  12. “Hag” 2:55
  13. “Saints” 2:32
  14. “Drivin’ on 9” (Dom Leone, Steve Hickoff) 3:22
  15. “Roi (Reprise)” 0:42
  • Kim Deal – lead vocals, guitar, Moog, Casiotone
  • Kelley Deal – guitar, Kenmore 12-stitch, vocals, lead vocals on “I Just Wanna Get Along”
  • Jim MacPherson – drums, bass on “Roi”
  • Josephine Wiggs – bass guitar, double bass, vocals, cello, drums on “Roi”
  • Carrie Bradley – violin, additional vocals

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