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Prehistoric Sounds (1978) by The Saints

Eternally Yours might be the first ever “punk with horns” album, but the band lacked the courage of its convictions and only put them on some tracks. Not so here; instead we have the full embrace of the horn section and the result is, for me, a substantial improvement on the last album.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the first two records but, to me, the songs here sound more diverse. Some of that is obviously the horn section, but there feels like there is more of an influence from other genres (notably genres featuring horns). That relative diversity marks this band out from the others in the first wave (non US) punk. There’s so much more going on here than in your average UK punk album from the era (to my ears) that it is just so refreshing.

The band finds a nice balance between the rawness of punk, particularly with Bailey’s vocals, and the guitar, with the relative professionalism and full sound of the horns. I think it’s how full the horns sound which really win me over. They got a good sound out of them (it helps using four) which adds to the feel that this isn’t just a gimmick.

Apparently Bailey doesn’t like this record and I find that rather amazing. This is right in my wheelhouse. I could listen to it over and over again, I think. It’s probably my favourite of their early records, even if it isn’t quite as important as their debut album.

Still, just great stuff.


All tracks composed by Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey; except where indicated

  1. “Swing for the Crime” – 3:41
  2. “All Times Through Paradise” – 4:08
  3. “Everyday’s a Holiday, Every Night’s a Party” – 2:48
  4. “Brisbane (Security City)” (Ed Kuepper) – 4:22
  5. “Church of Indifference” (Ed Kuepper) – 5:05
  6. “Crazy Googenheimer Blues” – 2:32
  7. “Everything’s Fine” (Ed Kuepper) – 2:37
  8. “The Prisoner” – 5:00
  9. “Security” (Otis Redding) – 2:22
  10. “This Time” – 3:15
  11. “Take This Heart of Mine” (Chris Bailey) – 2:28
  12. “Chameleon” – 5:16
  13. “Save Me” (Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Curtis Ousley) – 3:34
  • Chris Bailey – vocals
  • Ed Kuepper – guitar
  • Ivor Hay – drums, percussion
  • Algy Ward – bass


  • Martin Bruce – trumpet
  • Martin Drover – trumpet
  • Paul Nieman – trombone
  • Roger Cawkwell – tenor, alto, baritone & soprano saxophone, piano, brass arrangements

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