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Footloose Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1984)

I don’t review soundtracks normally for at least two reasons: normally they are not entirely composed of original music and they are not culturally significant enough – i.e. some kids probably bought it but the rest of us likely ignored it. But this one, well it is composed of original music, to the best of my knowledge. Moreover, it went 9 times platinum and at least one song from it still gets lots fo radio play. It’s a big deal, whether I like it or not

Given the kind of movie this is I shouldn’t have expected decent songs. “Footloose” is catchy but it’s pretty dumb. Many of the rest of the songs are also fairly catchy though they are also pretty dumb. For example, Jim Steinman, one of my absolute favourites, has written this bizarre song for Bonnie Tyler which seems to equate going out to a bar looking to meet someone to hook up with, with the Greek myths. Only Steinman would ever think in those kinds of terms. Then there’s “Dancing int the Streets” (no, not that one), which suggests to me that Wolfer and Pitchford (the latter responsible for this whole thing) should be sued by Prince because it sure as hell sounds like a pale imitation “1999” to me.

Everyone is pretty energetic though. They definitely packed in a lot of energy here and the one thing I can give this record is that it basically flies by, as nearly everything is bouncy and “fun.” (Fun for a lot of people, I assume.)

But the thing is oh so very ’80s. That’s the appeal for people now, I guess, but, as someone who lived through those years, and does not remember the mainstream music of the decade fondly – for many reasons – being constantly reminded that it was 1984 is not a plus for me.

I mean, it’s short, it’s not terrible and it flies by. It could definitely be a lot worse.

5/10 I guess

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