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Terrifier (2016, Damien Leone)

This one is something. We found it on Netflix.

I was beginning to think, while watching it, that i might not be able to come up with enough to say to even justify a review of the film, as it is one of those horror movies that is devoid of so much of the stuff of conventional movie-making that it’s not worthy of much thought. On the other hand, I did laugh a couple of times. And I did see a woman sawed through her vagina.


So this film is about a man in a clown suit who kills people. He has done it before but, as far as I can tell, this isn’t a sequel???

The beginning of the film is so bizarre and low-budget that I really thought we were going to be for some kind endurance test, but after the utterly bizarre opening, wherein a talk show guest kills the talk show host, it settles into a little bit more of a formula wherein creepy person stalks women and then goes on killing spree.

And I must admit, I laughed a few times, at the clown killer, as he behaved ridiculously. (For example, unlike every other killer of his type, he has a gun!)

But this is a very formulaic movie. With an extraordinarily low budget. (For example, it’s pretty clear they took whatever locations they could get and just tried to pretend they were all the same building.) Moreover, there’s no clear protagonist. (It’s a little like Psycho that way I guess.) The movie sort of wants us to root for the clown but then we don’t follow him around so we can’t treat him as the protagonist either.

What’s really surprising is that the fact that this film has such high ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and such. Either horror film fans have no standards or we watched a different movie.


Guess how the movie ends? It leaves things open for a sequel! (You never saw that coming.)

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