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Logan Lucky (2017, Steven Soderbergh)

This is a very enjoyable heist comedy full of quirky performances and fun cameos. It’s a pretty silly film – some have called it a “hill billy” or “red neck” Ocean’s Eleven and the film itself calls it “Ocean’s 7-11” – but it’s pretty funny and manages to also be enjoyable as a heist movie, even if it’s a bit far fetched.

Immediately appealing is the sense of place – they do a good job making you think these are real people in a real place, even with Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, in particular, playing out of character roles. (And, in Craig’s case, a pretty quirky one.) Though we know these actors it’s pretty easy to forget they’re acting, though I must say that I can’t testify to the accents, which do seem like they are from different places.

The cameos and bit parts (and appearances by the children of famous actors, who are now also actors) are quite enjoyable. Though I got so carried away trying to spot them that I started imagining famous people where there weren’t any. Yes, it’s gimmicky, but the film is pretty silly to begin with, and it a film like this I don’t really mind and the goofy makeup and wigs and such. (And I have no idea what Hillary Swank is doing, but I think it’s a parody of one of those “always gets his man” cops.)

The heist plot seems way too clever for these guys, but I guess that’s sort of the point. The movie spends absolutely zero time on how they came up with the plot after Jimmy introduces it to his brother. That’s fine for a film like this – it wouldn’t be if it was a thriller or drama – and it might actually be to the film’s credit, since it’s tacit acknowledgment that the whole plot is preposterous. And, this being a heist film, there’s a reveal that’s pretty crowd-pleasing.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this. It’s slight. But it’s very entertaining for what it is.


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