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Game Night (2018, John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein)

I want to reference another movie in my review but referencing that movie strongly suggests one of its major plot twists. So, um, MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT.

It’s funny, though! So see it.

This is a very funny movie which takes what I believe are aspects of Date Night (a movie I have never seen…) with a plot twist straight from the David Fincher movie The Game (or, if you prefer, from The Magus) but with another twist on top of that one. It’s The Game But A Comedy but there’s more going on (in terms of twists) than that would suggest. (And Rachel McAdams is not secretly in on it.)

This is one of those scripts that is just packed with jokes. There are enough that I missed a couple because I was laughing at a previous joke. I like that. The good lines dissipate somewhat as we get to the climax (because it involves more physical comedy) but there are still way more than your average Hollywood comedy about adults getting involved in hi-jinks. As a critic said, the film is “sharp”.

There’s also a fair amount of visual inventiveness for what is normally a very dull form. Particularly the rugby scene in the mansion is one of the better done visual set pieces I’ve seen in a mainstream Hollywood comedy in a long, long time. (I’m at pains to come up with another scene in a mainstream Hollywood comedy that is so visually fun and audacious at the same time. Sure, it was likely edited together, so what? They can do that now.)

There are some pretty good cameos too – some credited at least one not – and one not actual cameo that provides a lot of laughs.

It’s just a very entertaining film, with plenty of good lines, a fair amount of physical comedy that works, and plot twists – as well as red herrings – enough to keep you on your toes plot wise, even if things unravel a little bit at the end. (I assume we’re suppose to assume what happens with Gary?)

Really enjoyed it.


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