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Supreme Clientele (2000) by Ghostface Killah

I have no idea what to do with this. (As usual.)

We all know I have very little knowledge of hip hop but, at least with older hip hop, I can look at the historical context – when hip hop wasn’t ubiquitous it’s easier for someone like me to get why something is a big deal. But by 2000, it’s a lot harder without, you know, listening to tons of hip hop, which I absolutely haven’t done. But worse, I’ve barely heard any Wu Tang so not only do I do not know the greater context but I don’t the specific context. I am at sea (as a crossword writer might say).

It’s certainly got a distinct vibe, both in terms of the sample-heavy production and in terms of Ghostface’s delivery (and the deliveries of his guests). I get how this is different than more mainstream hip hop and I guess these things make it better but I really don’t know.

Apparently Ghostface is a really good rapper. I can definitely tell he’s better than some I’ve heard but I have no idea how he compares to other more elite rappers. I just haven’t heard enough of them.

I’m just at a loss. I can tell you that I don’t particularly like it. Some of the tracks are kind of catchy to the extent that they have melodies but it’s very clear that the emphasis here is on Ghostface and the beats, albeit the latter to a lesser extent. So most of the things I like about music are missing. So I find myself reading extremely positive reviews and thinking that I should have something to say but I don’t really. I guess It’s a particularly pure form of hip hop given how much it is about the rap and the production, and not about hooks sung by women.

Oh, it’s really long too.



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