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Happy Death Day (2017, Christopher Landon)

This is an enjoyable horror comedy that is just a titch too devoted to its inspiration. If you don’t know the premise and don’t know the inspiration, naming it will ruin the conceit for you so SPOILERS.

Even more so than a TV show I recently enjoyed, this movie is Ground Hog Day. This time its Horror Movie Ground Hog Day. And it is really, really reminiscent of that movie, with one of the relived days really feeling like it was practically stolen from that movie. It’s so similar that I kind of want to knock it down a peg just because of how similar it is.

Of course, it’s still a horror comedy, not a romantic comedy, and so it is a different film, even if so much of it is exactly the same movie. It’s also pretty entertaining, with lots of laughs and a few decent jump moments to boot. (I have scene plenty of horror comedies which either don’t have enough comedy or don’t have any scares and this gets the balance better than many if not most.)

One other nitpick that made me almost bump the rating down one level: the twist ending is my least favourite type of serial killer horror twist ending, i.e. the Urban Legends ending. (I honestly don’t think that was the first movie to do it, but it’s the one that’s coming to mind right now.) I think horror films contemplating this type of ending should have the actual actor play the bad guy so it seems less absurd. Sorry, but I did say there would be spoilers.

But I will say that I enjoyed the rest of the movie enough – despite its very obvious plot holes regarding the police reaction to her actions – that I think I’m going to go ahead and rate it as if I hadn’t even seen Ground Hog Day.


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