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Diary of the Pandemic Year: Nobody Follows the Rules

“Nobody is following the rules!”

That is what literally everyone is saying. So many people are saying it that some of the people who are saying it must also not be following rules.

As Jenn put it, each of us thinks we are following the rules better than everyone else. And we want everyone else to conform to our idea. (It’s like religion!)

But I know there are times I should have worn a mask and didn’t.

And we saw both my parents and Jenn’s uncle the weekend the pandemic was declared. We shouldn’t have. (We’re all very lucky.)

Nobody’s perfect and we need to remember that.

I used to say to people: “Everyone is trying to be their best self. It’s just that we all fail at it most of the time.”

And I’m wondering where my empathy’s gone while I walk around judging literally everybody I see.

We’re all trying to cope with this as best we can.

Okay, not all of us. A few people are not trying.

Like teenagers. I’ve seen plenty of teenagers paying little attention to the rules. Last night, three of them were walking abreast up the sidewalk.

But they’re teenagers! They do this kind of shit! They think they’re invincible.

And there are the old European men. They used to hang out outside of the local old man bar. They ignore all pedestrians and do not get out of the way.

Well the bar is closed so now they are doing it outside of a bakery.

But they’re asshole old men! This is how they behave normally!

What do I expect from these people? Why do I expect people who are naturally inconsiderate to be more considerate now?

Worse, why do I let myself get mad about it?

Most people are trying their best. And nobody knows exactly what we should do.

Humans are terrible at handling uncertainty.

I need to be more understanding. Everyone is trying.

And as long as we’re doing our best to be safe, that’s enough. It’s all we can do.

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