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La caméra de Claire (2017, Sang-soo Hong)

This is an extraordinarily slight film rendered sophisticated in the eyes of some by its unconventional narrative structure and the presence of Isabelle Huppert. Ever watch a critically acclaimed film where you wonder if the critics and you watched the same film? Well, it’s one of those.

Four people’s lives intersect during Cannes. Three of them know each other so it’s not one of those “strangers lives intersect” movies – it’s more of “a stranger enters our lives and helps us fix things” film. But, because it’s by a buzzed about Korean filmmakers, because its set in Cannes during the festival, because it stars Isabelle Huppert, and because the plot is told non-linearly, a bunch of people lost their minds about: it has an 80/100 on metacritic.

This is a pretty dull film. It’s supposedly charming and funny but I chuckled once or twice in its slight runtime (70 minutes) and I was not charmed by any one of the performances. I found the lead kind of awful initially, when she was supposed to be sad. She grew on me, but I didn’t find any of the performances particularly affecting.

Some of this is the dialogue, which feels improvised in its lack of quality. I have no idea if it was or not, but it sure feels like a rough draft.

Honestly, the whole thing has a vibe of critics who spend time at Cannes getting excited about watching a film shot in Cannes and that “charm” basically not existing for the rest of us.

The central message is that misunderstandings happen and we should think twice about them, which is just so profound, you know. Did I miss something else? Because it’s hard to know why I’m supposed to care this much about a non-linear 70 minute film with poor dialogue with a message that trite.

Bizarrely overrated and really not worth you time.


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