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World Clique (1990) by Deee-Lite

Like you, I have heard “Groove Is In the Heart” a thousand times. Whether I want to or not, I know basically every note. But, unlike some (most?) of the people who bought this album I have never been a fan of dance music. And to the extent that I am welcoming of dance music, it’s music that is danceable second, and something else first.

I worried I would have a particularly hard time with campy dance music. If there’s one thing I figured I wouldn’t be able to handle, it’s music that is just about camp and dancing.

But, from the opening “theme” there is something going on here that appeals to me. Some if is just that I can handle camp when it’s done well, as it is here. But I think it’s that these DJs get dynamics in a way that not all DJs do. (Rather, it’s probably that most Djs do indeed get dynamics, but that they make particular types of music, which I don’t want to listen to 45-60 minutes of at one time.)

It also helps that they have an actual frontwoman – Lady Miss Kier is a charismatic performer who can do more than one style of dance music (and singing). Sometimes I think that dance music I don’t like could be saved by a good singer. Other times I get annoyed at the guest vocalist nature of some of these albums. Neither problem exists here. Lady Miss Kier is a compelling performer and I can’t tell you how much of a difference that makes for me.

So, speaking entirely from ignorance, I feel like this is a pretty good example of whatever it is, beyond campy dance music.  (They tell me it’s House Music.) I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems like it might be.


(Maybe I’m just softening on dance music…)

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