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Arbete åt alla! [Jobs for All] (2021, Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck)

This is a short film which is basically a satire of the idea of “full employment” as a solution to our problems, as opposed to UBI or welfare. It’s not actually a documentary, as it is very much a satire and an advocacy film.

The film is the length of Ravel’s Bolero, which it uses as its soundtrack. It takes footage of people working from the last 135 years, as well as brief excerpts of interviews with both workers and CEOs and uses them as a very brief summary of the history of capital and exploitation. It’s fairly heavy-handed and pretty brief and surface-level.

However, this is all to set up the film’s punchline. And it’s a pretty good punchline. It’s worth sitting through the length of Bolero even if you don’t sympathize with the film’s message, because of the punchline.


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