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Palmerston (2021) by Glutenhead

I didn’t realize this was an EP so on my first listen its brevity shocked me. (Suddenly a Rick Beato video started and I was very confused.)

The songs are reasonably catchy and because there are so few of them there is no real lag. To the extent that I paid attention to the lyrics, I didn’t really love them. But I think most people listen to this kind of music for aesthetic reasons so I’m not sure they’re a real issue. And, to be honest, I really didn’t pay that much attention to them. There might have been something going on I missed.

The aesthetic is a vaguely psychedelic, chamber folk. The vibe is fairly subdued and somewhat hazy. There are two singers and the contrast helps make it feel like there is more stylistic variation than there actually is.

There is definitely a deliberate to the choice to the production that is meant to recall another time, at least a little. I have never been a fan of that but it’s not super offensive here. It mostly fits the material and the aesthetic and, given that this isn’t outright nostalgia (at least to my ears), I don’t mind the choice.

A perfectly fine, vaguely psychedelic chamber folk EP.


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