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Zombieland (2009, Ruben Fleischer)

This is an amusing zombie comedy which sort of makes you wonder why it took until 2009 to make this movie. (In retrospect it feels kind of obvious.) There are certain things I didn’t love about it, but it was mostly pretty effective.

When it began, the jokes weren’t really landing for me and I got quite worried. I think it’s because this type of opening has been done to death. (Though, off the top of my head, I’m not sure whether that was before or after this movie came out.) But, though the film starts out hyper-stylized, when the zombie runs into the word, it sort of won me over. It was one of those things where, one moment I was wondering why the jokes weren’t landing and then I was laughing.

The CGI has dated poorly, but that is often true of films from the aughts. There is one moment in particular when you can see that the other cars on the road are not actually real and I was like “jesus christ.” And I recognize, at some level, that it probably didn’t look that way in 2009, but it’s still hard to cast your mind back, you know?

I’m not sure there’s enough plot or character development here, for an actually good movie. And that’s why it’s important that most of the jokes work. The whole Bill Murray sequence is bizarre but it mostly works. (Especially how it ends.)

There are elements that don’t really work for me – it’s not just that some jokes don’t land but the whole potential romance thing feels very lazy for some reason. And it definitely feels slightly dated, not just the CGI but the way the story opens feels like it’s from another era.

But I still enjoyed it.


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