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Science Vs. (2015)

I find that I have caught up to Science Vs. having begun with their first episode and listened, once a week for years. I have decided not to continue with their new season so I guess that means it’s time for me to write a review.

Science Vs. was purchased by Spotify a little while ago. And then, a little while ago, a particular Joe Rogan episode caused a bit of an uproar. Science Vs. have decided to dedicate their current season to combating misinformation on Spotify, and so far specifically on Joe Rogan. This is something that is a valuable service I suspect but there’s a problem for me, personally.

I don’t listen to Joe Rogan. I think Joe Rogan is an extremely credulous person – or at least he plays one on radio – and I think he is a pretty bad interviewer, at least if we look at the interview format as a way of gaining knowledge about the world. If you go on his show and talk about astrophysics, he’ll believe you. If you go on his show and talk about aliens sticking things up your ass, he’ll probably believe you.

So I just have no interest in listening to a show which is dedicated to debunking a show I don’t listen to (and don’t want to listen to). Anyway…

I’d highly recommend Science Vs. before this whole snafu. The show is extremely accessible and digestible and they work hard to make sure they have the best information available. (They have citations!) Some people have complained about Wendy, the host, as being too chipper, or too goofy, or some such thing. But I find her goofiness a pretty good way of presenting often dry material less dryly, even if sometimes the show can get a tiny bit cheesy.

I’ve recommended the show to many people over the years. I recommend it because I think they are pretty fair, they are thorough (for the lengths of the episodes) and they manage to be pretty entertaining. I don’t know of a better science podcast that is this accessible to anyone. (There are more thorough science podcasts out there, but the ones I’ve encountered are slogs.) This show covers a wide range of topics and so there is an episode on pretty much any major science issue you might have questions about.

So check it out, the old episodes any way.


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