Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (2022, Amanda Micheli)

This is an official but rather insightful look at Jennifer Lopez as she tries to put on the Super Bowl Halftime Show while worrying about whether or not she’s going to get nominated for her first Oscar. All at the age of 50.

Though I’ve seen a number of her films, and have been aware of her ever since In Living Color, I paid very little attention to her career until I listened to at least one of her albums for my podcast.

This documentary does a good job of letting us see into her life one of the most famous people on the planet, who still doesn’t really get a lot of respect. I had forgotten how poorly she’s been treated by the press (and that whole South Park gag has not aged well). But also, seemingly by her parents: Can you imagine your new movie premiered at TIFF and your parents’ response was “Go Jets!”? It just goes to show you, you can be one of the most famous people in the world and you might not get the validation you want.

I legitimately never thought for a moment about all the work that goes into a Halftime Show. (Partly because I don’t watch them unless I’m made to.) It’s kind of insane how much effort goes into such a short performance. If you ever had any questions about Lopez’s commitment to her musical career, watching this should dispel them. This woman cares a lot about what she is doing and it is extremely evident in the effort and care and emotion she puts into this.

This is an official production, Lopez not only signed off on it but narrates it, is the featured interviewee and, I assume (without looking up the credits) produced it and approved every second. But, it’s not as sanitized as you might think. And it’s fairly eye-opening about the life of one of the most famous people on the planet when she is trying to do one of the biggest things a singer can do, all the while hoping for some validation about the other part of her career (the one she used to be more famous for).

Worth you time.


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