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Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits (2003)

I was deep in my Homestar Runner obsession when this came out and yet I don’t think I ever managed to listen to it. It’s been forever, and I pay way less attention now, but I still have a strong nostalgia for when I first discovered it, and a nostalgia for everything about it.

The lyrics are mostly extremely dumb. And it’s really hard to imagine someone who does not really enjoy the show enjoying these songs. And, even if you’re not aware of the, um, show but would like it if you had only seen it, you might not really get some of this if you don’t know anything about the characters. (Or maybe I’m wrong, I have no idea.)

But the music is often excellent as parody. There are a whole bunch of songs here which just nail their genres. I am a sucker for musical parody and there is plenty of stuff here that works for me in that regard. I’d like to think they would work for anyone, but the voices are weird enough, and the characters dumb enough, that I’m not sure these would appeal to people as parodies alone. (And some are not actually parodies.) Still, I’d say, if you like musical parody, it might be worth a listen.

I really enjoyed this. Transported me back to another time. And made me laugh out even after more than one listen. I really need to check out the soundtracks, which I didn’t realize they’d put out.



  • “Trogdor”
  • “Circles” (makes me laugh out loud every time)
  • “I Think I Have a Chance with This Guy”
  • “It’s Like it Was Meant to Be”
  • “Sensitive to Bees”
  • “The Theme from Dangeresque II”
  • “The Cheat is Not Dead” (especially this one, which is just brilliant)

And, really, many, many others.

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