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The Bob’s Burgers Movie (2022, Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman)

Like every 22-minute TV show turned into a movie, this one struggles with enough laughs for its runtime. But it’s still pretty enjoyable and has most of the stuff you’d want in a Bob’s Burgers episode.

Of course, everything is bigger. The plot is more complex than a normal episode, there are a few different threads and a by story. The musical numbers are longer (actual all-out songs). There are more guest appearances.

But bigger isn’t always better and that’s especially true with these types of adaptations. Though I appreciated the attempt at grander musical numbers, I’m not sure any of them are as successful as the best songs on the show. (The climactic song might be but I’ll have to listen to it again.) One of the appeals of the music of the show is that it is, usually, too brief, it leaves you wanting more. That’s not the case here, though I do agree with Bouchard that a full-on musical would have been sort of against the spirit of the show.

And, though there are plenty of laughs, they aren’t consistent throughout the movie. There are arguably more laughs in their best episodes than here. There are a few really good laugh-out-loud moments, but many more chuckles or “Oh, that’s funny” moments. Just not enough to really justify the 102 minute runtime.

I still enjoyed the movie though, as I enjoy the show and its aesthetic and characters. I had a very pleasant experience and was happy that I watched it. But even with my reasonably low expectations, I found myself thinking it was very similar to all the other movies I’ve seen that have come from 22-minute animated sitcoms. It’s just a format that isn’t meant for films. Even though this one had a plot that was good enough, a little bit like the Futurama films.


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