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Jennifer’s Body (2009, Karyn Kusama)

This is a fun horror comedy that plays around with the teen sex danger angle. Sure, it’s not the first to do this, but it feels like a pretty fresh spin on it.

This is a horror comedy film that absolutely does not take itself seriously, which is great. There’s basically no attempt to go into the mythology, it’s literally just a library book explanation. And there’s absolutely no explanation as to why the bar burns down. (Though it’s implied, I guess.) That would drive me crazy in a serious film but I appreciate it in a movie that just wants to focus on the jokes and the killing. The bar burning down is just played for laughs, as it should be.

There are a bunch of pretty good jokes. And, actually, I think time has helped the dialogue, which feels really of its time now in a way that is possibly more funny than when the movie came out. The script has enough good lines in it that the move remains reasonably funny for most of its runtime. Too many horror comedies don’t have enough jokes.

There aren’t any scares, really. I jumped once and the other times I think I was supposed to jump I didn’t. But that is not something I’m concerned about in a horror comedy when the movie is funny.

It’s clear the film didn’t have a great budget. The effects have dated somewhat (though far better than many films of the aughts) and it’s obvious by the size of the cast that there wasn’t a lot of money to go around. (There is one teacher, for example. There are only so many speaking parts.)

And there’s at least one rather major issue with the denouement, as much as the denouement is a lot of fun. Just don’t think about it too much.

Anyway, I found it pretty entertaining, and I’m kind of surprised its got such a low rating on IMDB. There are so many worse movies with higher averages.


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