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Insecticidal (2005, Jeffery Scott Lando)

Stray thoughts:

  • The CGI bugs are amazing
  • All in favour of the gratuitous lesbian stuff. I have no idea why it’s there but at least that’s something. Whatever it is, I’m here for it as the kids say.
  • When we first saw the sex, I thought there wouldn’t be nudity. And then there’s just a woman in a shower for no reason. And I guess she’s masturbating but it’s hard to tel. I’m not sure what’s in the drain but it’s amazing.
  • Why is this woman so horny? And why is she so bad at playing horny?
  • “You’re bumming me out!” Is he a surfer or a football player?
  • “You could be even prettier if you tried.”
  • Cami’s sister really relishes her role. She is Acting, holy shit.
  • The larvae are amazing.
  • It’s so weird we didn’t see horny woman’s boobs in the sex scene but then we see them in the shower. What’s that about?
  • These people are hornier than in the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • The Dirty Dozen joke made me laugh. I must admit.
  • Bugs don’t have webs, last I checked. It turns out some of these insects are spiders. And, of course, spiders aren’t insects. But this movie doesn’t care. (Scorpions, it turns out, are also not insects. Should the movie been called Anthropocidal?)
  • Why does the infested horny woman not try to kill them?

There are so many times when the action of the bugs doesn’t quite match the action of actors. I understand why this has a reputation for being terrible, it is certainly just an atrocious film. It’s not all-time bad necessarily but it’s pretty brutal. But I was mildly entertained which I can’t say for other terrible films like this.

1/10 but like a positive 1/10

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