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The Dream is Over (2016) by PUP

I have seen PUP live at least once. My friends loved them. I thought they were fine but punk is never really been a genre I was super into live (compared to say, jazz). But listening to this, I think the appeal is very much as a live act. Maybe that’s because I’m a horrible snob and have listened to way too much punk music in my life.

Pup’s songs are refreshingly quirky for a band that I’ve long associated with more traditional punk. Something I didn’t appreciate live was the (relative) strangeness of some of their songs compared to the simplicity of much punk and pop punk.

There is also relative stylistic diversity (I stress the “relative”) compared to, say, ’90s punk bands. They may have more in common with post hardcore bands in that sense, though I don’t mean to suggest they are that diverse, they are not.

Everything is played with tons of energy as I would expect, having seen them live. I suspect that is the major appeal for so many people. Sometimes it’s hard to get the energy across on record and PUP absolutely don’t have that problem. I think some of that comes from the gang backing vocals and some of that comes from the production, which manages a nice balance in the sound.

But I just can’t get very excited about this. It’s a slightly arty pop punk record from 2016. I have hard time imagining something with that description knocking my socks off.


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