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Cleopatra (2016) by The Lumineers

I believe I only know of The Lumineers from that “Ho Hey” song but it’s possible I have heard others. I must say that hearing that song never made me interested in hearing the rest of their music.

I have been introduced to a “new” genre: “Stomp and Holler,” which is a hilarious name. I will say I don’t think it’s necessarily new and I’m not sure there was need for a name but whatever. I used to be really into a Canadian alt country band called Elliott Brood who I feel like this term was invented to describe but nobody has classified them as that yet. (They are considerably rockier than these guys.)

I feel like this is the 21st century version of indie folk, a little how indie rock in the 21st century was often, but not always, significantly sanitized compared to pretty weird stuff that had first necessitated a classification as “indie” because it was just too strange to be alternative. (There were other reasons, obviously.)

There’s nothing wrong with this but it’s, you know, just very safe and fine.

  • The melodies are quite catchy and the lyrics feel pretty earnest.
  • The songs are performed with some energy – it probably couldn’t be called “stomp and holler” without at least some energy” – and emotion (and, again, earnestness).
  • But the usual folk instruments are augmented by instruments that hint at greater pop ambitions – the piano, the string instruments.
  • the production on some of the songs really seems to try to give the listener a sense that the performance is some big empty hall somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but that sound is conspicuously absent on the ballads.

I guess what I’m saying is that, in addition to be being pretty run-of-the-mill, it also feels a little calculated. And here’s the thing about folk music, at least initially. It wasn’t calculated, or at least it didn’t sound it. I’ve never liked polish when applied to roots music for that very reason and the same is true here.

6/10 I guess as the songs are decent enough.

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