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Sore (2015) by Dilly Dally

So I saw Dilly Dally at WIMF nearly two years after this came out. Given they didn’t release the follow up until a year later I wonder if they were still touring this. I don’t really remember the material enough to say. This is what I wrote at the time:

During the storm, there was no way we were going to another venue (one set did get cancelled due to the storm too). So we stayed for Dilly Dally. Dilly Dally are sort of noisy alternative (or catchier noise rock) with a vocalist who screams more than Courtney Love did on those early Hole albums; she rarely sings, actually. Jenn did not enjoy herself. I found them a little one-note, particularly because the effect on the lead guitar – played by the leader singer, I believe, as I couldn’t actually see her – was present for nearly every song. Basically, they’re one of those bands that has a sound and will not deviate. They were fine, but the hype pre-show from some of the members of our group was maybe a little much.

Back to the present: Most of our friends loved the show but poor Jenn was pretty miserable and we sat at the back waiting out the rain. I now remember more the dynamic between how much Jenn hated them and how much a bunch of other people loved them. Though I haven’t seen too many bands this noisy live, I have listened to a lot of them and I do wonder if that’s one reason why I wasn’t as blown away as everyone else. (Sitting down at a table and not being in the crowd likely contributed too.)

It’s been a few years since I’ve listened to Hole but I think the Hole comparisons have a lot do with Monks’ gravelly scream/half-scream that she leans on a little too much. I don’t really feel as though the songs remind me that much of them, but it has been quite some time. The aesthetic is also noisier at times.

I do agree that they sound an awful lot like multiple bans from that era, though. And I think that’s the thing here, is that they obviously sound like Hole, and some other bands, and whatever new they bring to this is form of music is subsumed in our memories of other bands that we probably like better.

But I think if you can find your way out of that head-space, it’s fine.


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