A Little Too Cozy Live at Studio 42 at the CBC May 20, 2016

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On Friday we saw a modernization of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, an opera I have never heard before. This adaptation sets the opera in a reality show where contestants are supposed to pledge their love to each other without actually meeting, similar to the original plot I assume. This is a bawdy one – I’m not sure if the original is this way – but it mostly works. Occasionally some of the jokes (whether blue or cultural reference-based) feel a little cheap, but mostly it’s consistently amusing. The one issue I had with the whole thing is that the TV Read More

Trumpet Concertos (2008) by Alison Balsom, Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

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This is a collection of Classical and Baroque trumpet concerti, and it’s a good selection of these pieces, giving a good idea of how the music progressed…only the sequencing is, um, kind of backwards. I’ve heard both the Hummel and Haydn before and so won’t be commenting on them. They’re both classics, though. The oldest concerto here, the Torelli (sometimes called a “sinfonia”), which dates from the 1710s or earlier (he died in 1709 and I can find no record of when he actually wrote anything), is sequenced third. That’s odd. I’m not sure why. Anyway, from it’s opening notes, Read More

Die Schopfung (1798, 1997) by Joseph Haydn, performed by The Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists, Conducted by John Eliot Gardiner

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This appears to move the great oratorios or Handel into the classical era. The immensity of this is on par with his music but there’s no escaping how much more modern this work sounds in comparison. I thought I had a distaste for the classical era, but Haydn’s music is making a huge impression on me so far. It’s a lot more complicated than I would have thought, given the era’s reputation for relative simplicity. This is an incredible work – I would (will?) be shocked to discover a greater classical-era oratorio. 10/10 Read More