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50 Years of Misawarding the Conn Smythe

The awarding of the Conn Smythe in 2015 to Duncan Keith felt like a dose of sanity, he was well deserving of it. Unfortunately, since the award’s introduction in the mid ’60s, it hasn’t always been so obvious and oftentimes the writers responsible for voting for the award have picked odd, sometimes even terrible winners. …

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The Annual Hockey Hall of Fame Complaint for 2015

First of all, congratulations to the deserving inductees. The problem is, as always, that the Hall of Fame inducted players who both deserve to be in it, and players who do not (or, in this case, not yet). So congratulations to Nicklas Lidstrom, a player who, I have argued elsewhere, might be the 2nd best …

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Is Alex Ovechkin the Greatest Pure Goal Scorer of All Time?

A few weeks ago, Alex Ovechkin joined some elite company, he became only the fifth player in NHL history to score 30 goals per season in his first 10 seasons. More recently, he joined even more elite company, he became only the sixth player in NHL history to score 50 goals six times. Now while …

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Dirk Nowitzki Changed Basketball

As you may know, the other day Dirk Nowitzki became the only player in NBA history to reach 25,000 points, 10,000 boards, 1,000 blocks and 1,000 made 3-pointers. As others have noted, there have been good-shooting bigs before, but since the 3-point line was introduced, there has never been a player to combine size, scoring, …

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Does Steve Nash belong in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Obviously the title of this post is redundant, as they often are when discussing the legacy of star players. Anyway, what do you say about the greatest Canadian basketball player of all time?

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The 2013 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

First off, congratulations to the inductees. I think all the NHL players are deserving. I remain rather confused as to why only 3 NHL players were inducted this year when one could argue there were other deserving players (cough Lindros cough). But just for shits and giggles lets go over the men who were inducted. …

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Does Kiprusoff belong in the Hall of Fame?

Kiprusoff apparently retired today, semi-officially, or at least publicly. So let’s deal with the most important question around his retirement: No, not what does Calgary do now. Does Kiprusoff belong in the Hall of Fame?

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Kobe Bryant’s 30,000 Points

Kobe Bryant put himself in a very exclusive club the other day: Kareem: 38,387 The Mailman: 36,928 The Greatest Basketball Player of All Time (i.e. Jordan): 32,292 Wilt: 31,419 Kobe: 30,016 and counting (will eclipse Wilt next season provided he doesn’t get hurt / old)

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense: the Professional Hockey Writer’s Association and 57 Years of Screwing the Pooch on the Norris Trophy

The Best Defense is a Good Offense On Lidstrom’s retirement, I hypothesized that he might be one of the three best defencemen in NHL history. I did this based on one thing: Norris trophy wins. But the more I thought of it, the more I thought that was ridiculous. The PHWA had just awarded two …

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The Hockey Hall of Fame Bias towards “Last time we won the cup was…”

The more I went through previous Hockey Hall of Fame admissions for a previous blog entry, the more I became aware of a pattern: the sheer number of inductees who played for a franchise’s last cup winner. Memory is an extraordinarily powerful force and it seems like the memory of a franchise’s “last great team” …

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Is Nicklas Lidstrom the greatest NHL defenseman of all time?

Career: 20 seasons, all quality 264G, 878A (22nd All Time) for 1142P in 1564 games (10th, 1st European), +450 (10th) 82-game average of 14G, 46A for 60P, +4 Playoffs: 54G, 129A for 183P in 263 games, +61 Adjusted: 264G, 918A (16th All Time) for 1204P Adjusted 82-game average: 14G, 48A for 63P. Accomplishments: 1 Conn …

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Who Doesn’t Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

So, maybe you are frustrated with the fact that I think so many people not yet in deserve to be in. Maybe you think the Hall should be “more exclusive” and “like baseball” (if I get time, I will write why that is a doomed and silly vision, but we shall see). Well, one thing …

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He is already the greatest shooting 7-footer in basketball history. And he is already the best European player in NBA history (well, at least the best European player to play his prime years in the NBA: see But now that he has won a championship (and especially, had such huge 4th quarters on the …

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Is Shaq the Greatest Centre Ever?

Now that Shaq has supposedly retired (a couple years too late) we should ask the question, is he the greatest centre ever? Some people have actually claimed he is the best basketball player ever, which is laughable. (To paraphrase my dad re: Chamberlain, imagine if Shaq had shot over .527 from the free throw line…) …

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It’s time to start calling Iggy future hall of famer Jarome Iginla

Last night Iginla reached 1000 points for his career. This might not seem like all that much, especially given the large number of people who have achieved this mark since the 1980s. It puts him 77th all-time. He achieved this in more than 1103 games, making him slightly less than a point-a-game player, 103rd best …

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How would you revamp the Hall in light of Martin’s untimely death?

How would I revamp the Hall in light of Martin’s untimely death? Start over. Put some notables from the early eras and then, starting around 1960 or so, any skater who is in the Top 25 the day they become eligible of any of the following categories is an automatic: Games, Goals, Assists, Points, +/-, …

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The Hall of Fame has screwed the pooch again

For the second time in as many years the Hall of Fame has been exposed for not honouring someone in time. This time the death obviously wasn’t expected, but that doesn’t make it any better. First, they ignored or avoided the opportunity to put Burns in during his lifetime. I really don’t pay attention to …

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My All-Time Defense Team for Baseball

P: Walter Johnson? C: Pudge? 1B: Don Mattingly?? 2B: O-Dawg! Just kidding: Eddie Collins SS: Ozzie 3B: Robinson according to my dad LF: Brian Downing?!? C: Devon White…kidding RF: Jess Barfield! Again, kidding. Closer: Riveira So much less sure about this. No idea really. The only person I’m totally serious about is Ozzie. That’s it.

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Greatest American Player Ever

Pat LaFontaine is probably the greatest American hockey player ever. At least, offensively. If you omit his 92-93 season, which skews his numbers, he still has the highest PPG of any American NHLer by a lot. Yes, he played in a high-scoring era, but so did Gretzky.