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One of the things I did in Florida was watch a lot of movies. Because that’s what you do in Florida when it’s dark and you’ve got crazy American cable with 30+ movie channels. That’s not to say that’s all I did (though this list will give you that impression), but I definitely watched a lot. The pictures of what I did will be up once I get them developed (that reminds me!). Shallow Grave Danny Boyle’s certainly got some interesting movies out there. This is one to check out. I liked how it was so claustrophobic. That is to Read More

I’m angry again!

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Wow, that’s a relief! What ever could you be talking about, Riley? Well, now that you’ve asked… Firstly, it’s the anniversary of the discovery of one of the death camps (I don’t know which one). People are claiming this latest generation does not know about the Holocaust whereas the WWII generation had said “never again.” So, what about Stalin? We’ve totally forgotten about him and his minions countless times and no one seems to care. While we, on our high horses, we’re pledging “never again” millions of people were dying in Russia. And of course, genocide has occur ed all Read More

Last night, I was slightly ragified

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Last night, before I returned my dad’s car to his house (I had it for the past 6 days or so) I found out that the “Mac TAs” had voted in favour of a strike. Yet I do not know the voter turnout (though I know people who “forgot”…people don’t take anything seriously eh?…I mean I’ll joke about this strike thing, make fun of it, but you gotta vote…) and they won’t tell me the percentage of yes votes. That is to say, I don’t know how small a minority I’m in. If it comes down to it, I may Read More

The Village (2004, M. Night Shyamalan)

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When I think of the Village, I think of the Prisoner. And, in a sense, it’s appropriate. But not really. I tend to think M. Night whatshisname is very overrated and just a little too pretentious for his own good. I generally find his movies to be interesting (in that they’re better and more creative than a lot of other stuff) but bogged down by the occasional pandering and other things. In short, I don’t believe he’s the great film maker some people make him out to be. I have yet to see his pre-Sixth Sense movie(s). So I can’t Read More


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Holy shit! I totally forgot to tell you about what’s happening! There was a strike vote for the TAs last night (it continues through today and tomorrow)! I went to my first union meeting (for this particular CUPE) and then voted. I voted no. Here are some reasons why: We get paid double our tuition, which is nice. But I believe we are quite overpaid anyway. And I do little actual work. If there are other University employees who need money, maybe we should take a pay cut. Maybe we should take a pay cut to keep some of our Read More

I want to burn Rice, but I won’t…hopefully someone else will

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Rice’s confirmation hearing is today. She mentioned this “Town Square Test” (the name of the academic she name-dropped is not important, though I would like to give credit to him or her) that determines whether a society is a “fear society” or not. Apparently, an individual enters the town square and speaks his or her mind. If the individual cannot do this because of the use of force or general fear of the threat of force (or other fear I suppose) then it is a “fear society.” What I wish I would do, but I won’t (because I lack the Read More

Random list time!!!

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To paraphrase BadBoy, “who’s procrastinating? Nooooooooooooooooooobody!” Sorry, that was really truly weak. I apologize. And yet I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. Christmas movies that I think are worthwhile watching at Christmas (“But I can’t tell you why…” wow the Eagles suck): A Christmas Story (the GREATEST xmas movie EVER…and it’s Canadian! Go figure!) Scrooged (it’s just a little cheesey but I’ll take it over a lot of other stuff) Those claymation cartoons! Die Hard (possibly the only action movie I can stand watching more than once…well, don’t quote me on that) Black Christmas (possibly the first slasher movie Read More

Um, God, tv sucks…please do something

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God should really do something about the CSI explosion. If he existed, he would not allow it to exist, let alone for it to become this popular. I’ve caught bits and pieces of CSI for a number of reasons. It’s on all the time so it’s hard not to occasionally catch a snippet. Showcase now shows it when I think a movie will be on and I always accidentally tune in. My roommates love it. They really do. One of them insists on watching it every week (though right now she has a night class so she can’t) and the other Read More

A crisis of faith…

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Well, not really. The remake of The Lady Killers is a bad movie. I must admit it. The Coens have made a bad movie. I don’t know what to do. I can no longer hold them in such high esteem. Intolerable Cruelty was forgivable because it made me laugh (even if it was nowhere near as brilliant as anything else they’ve done). But this latest effort is just crappy. Yes, there was the odd funny moment. But, to paraphrase someone I read on the net today, Hanks just shows off…and it gets really annoying. Yes, he can fully get into this character Read More

The Eve of Christmas Eve or Xmas Eve Eve…

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I don’t really know. It’s one or the other. Maybe. A parental figure of mine is listening to Easy Rock. Surprised I haven’t pulled an Xmas suicide yet. Bad Dreams was a a major waste of money. It’s more a “psychological horror” movie than a horror movie. And it blows. It blows goats. Oh it sucked. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension was pretty awesome. Not quite as awesome as it sounds but definitely fun. Lots of fairly famous people in it too: Peter Weller, Ellen Barkin, John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Loyd, Dan Hedaya and a Read More

We care a lot…

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Just had to mention…”Do They Know it’s Christmas?” or whatever the hell it’s called is the worst song ever!!! The hypocrisy of it is just maddening. I bet the line Bono sings “Well thank God it’s them instead of you” could only have been sung by him because no one else is that self-righteous. I’m not usually a pre-Mike Patton FMN fan but their parody / attack of “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” and other celebrity aid songs, “We Care a Lot,” is worth listening to. As much as their old lead singer (Chuck Mosley I think) wasn’t very good, Read More

More movies, more movies, more movies

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So I went to rent Shaun of the Dead and it’s only on DVD. No player in this house. Rats. Watched: Far From Heaven which was decent but I don’t have enough of an appreciation for classic Hollywood melodramas to truly get it.  The General which was awesome and I highly recommend it! John Boorman (Point Blank, Hell in the Pacific, Deliverance, Excalibur, Hope and Glory) directed it. That guy kicks ass. It stars Brendan Gleeson (who I have been known to confuse with Ray Winstone on occasion) and it is truly fantastic. The Irish accents take a few moments Read More

Nerves and such

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Listening to Neil Young on my computer. I won’t rant about how awesome he is. The other day (Thursday!) when I went to pick up an essay for a class (worth 50% of my mark) I was more nervous about a mark than I have been in 3 or more years. I can’t remember really the last time I was so nervous about seeing a grade. So, being me, I had to think about why. I had a calculator to prove to myself that even if I just barely passed the assignment (that’s a 70 in grad school) I would Read More

Rock of the harder persuasion…but not metallic

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So I’m working on my takehome for Nationalism. So far it’s going well. Over half done and it’s due Fri afternoon. In the CD player: Back in Black by AC/DC…earlier: Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion by the Gunners. “Given the Dog a Bone” has got to be one of the funniest songs about blow jobs ever: “She’ll take you down easy, going down to her knees” “She’s using her head again” “I’ve just given the dog a bone” The whole album’s great for that really. “Let Me Put My Love into You” is playing right now. That’s subtle. Read More

Vanier Cup

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So, for the first time ever, I got to go to the Vanier Cup. When I lived in Toronto in autumns past, I never really paid attention to CIS football. Then, I went to Bishop’s. Now, conveniently, it followed me to Hamilton. So I went. And the game was horrible. 7-1 Laval over Sask. If it had been a good defensive game it would have been ok (though I prefer offense). But both teams looked like they didn’t belong there. One stretch of the game was described as “comical” by TSN. I don’t know how either team (esp. Sask, who Read More

Dag Nabit!

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I didn’t mind the Dawn of the Dead remake. One of the better ones I’ve seen. Though it was different it wasn’t shitty, which is all I usually ask (aside from: don’t remake that movie, asshole). Anyway, if a remake is ok to good then it’s ok that they fucked with history. However, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake blows. I know, I know, I should know better. But alas, I needed something bad to procrastinate with. Firstly, it’s making itself out to be real. So they have these B and W clips at the beginning from “police footage.” Except their Read More

On Self-Deprecation, addendum

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Um, I forgot to tell you the end. Because she reminded me of [redacted], we had virtually nothing in common, and she was pretty immature (and because she told her friends – not just the one there, and some of my friends – that I was gay) I pretty much ignored her. I would say hi when I saw her (though she’d deny this, she claimed I never said hi…she either never heard me or she’s an asshole) and that was it. I didn’t explain why I just stopped trying to talk to her. Probably should have told her. Whatever. Doesn’t Read More

Please stop choking!

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I’m listening to the Cards choke right now. It’s painful. Fuck!!! Apparently Jeff Suppan displayed one of the worst base running performances in world series history. I didn’t actually get to watch (TV is in use, and really, I’ve been hogging it for weeks to watch Baseball so it’s about time I let someone else use it) but the announcer couldn’t get over it for an inning. The Cards pitching has got to shape up too. It hurts. I’ve been trying to do my reading (and wow, do I have a lot of reading tonight) but it’s hard to read Read More


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So, I was watching some religious TV yesterday. I’ve been paying more attention to this stuff since I started studying the Bible. Like when I was at my stepcousin’s wedding a little while ago. I was very interested in the service all of a sudden… Anyway, Jack Van Impe was on Vision. It’s amazing, by the way, how many channels have some religious programming or even most of the day filled with it. But that’s a whole other story. So yeah, Jack Van Impe. Firstly, his cohost looks and sounds like she’s on crank. Seriously. She scares me. I’ll have Read More

World Series

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So there’s a conundrum…Bosox or Cards. I.e. Walker, Edmons, Renteirea, Womack vs. Schilling, Menkievich, Cabrerra and the end of the curse (I know my spelling’s off, get over it) I think I’ll have to go with the Cards just cuz I picked them and the Twinkies to be in the series. And Walker’s Canadianess counts for something. And the presence of more ex-Jays on the Cards helps too. And I used to be a Cards fan back when I still loved baseball (for reasons I still do not understand…except for Ozzie, I understand that). So yeah, I guess that’s the Read More

Wok with Yan

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Wok with Yan is my new favourite cooking show. And it’s Canadian! I can’t believe it. It’s too bad I’m just watching reruns from the 70s (well, it certainly looks like the 70s based on the production values and clothes…especially the clothes!). His puns are terrible but he’s really into it. He’s awesome. He being Stephen Yan, a Chinese expat in Vancouver. He also visits Thailand a lot and films it. Oh it’s such a good show. Then there’s the “wonder powder.” Apparently, this is the stuff that gives that strange shine to much of the Chinese food available in Read More

Fahrenheit 911 (2004, Michael Moore)

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So I saw Fahrenheit 911 last night. I thought I was going to come up with something witty to insult it but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Very polemical and full of the usual publicity stunts (and times when you wonder how insincere Moore was being when he was getting some of these people on camera…ah, manipulation!) but it’s important. I guess I think that because it’s sitting on the extreme “left” and, given that, it’s hopefully going to pull some people on the extreme “right” towards the “center.” But I doubt that it will fulfill this role Read More

Random things

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So Shatner has a new album. This is a momentus occasion in rock history! It’s soooooo good! Well, I don’t know if the album is, but the fact that he released a second one is just super cool. Oh it’s so cool. Parliament’s starting up. It drives me nuts that the government was able to form (and act) without some kind of affirmation of their power by the parliament. I really hate our system. Martin should not have been allowed to go to the GG (why the hell do we still have one anyway??? don’t give me that tradition bullshit!) Read More

Fringe parties

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So, as you may or may not know, I espouse voting for fringe parties always. So in the US election, if I were an American (and really, we gotta stop thinking about the US so much…so I should stop talking about them…I suck) I would vote Nader or some other party (like the libertarians). It depends who’s on the ballot. Anyway, I know virtually everyone disagrees with me but few have provided any kind of counter argument that could sway me. So I came up with one. Couldn’t you vote Democrat for the President and vote third party for every Read More