Battle for Brooklyn (2011 Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley)

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I have always had problems with the concept of eminent domain, or at least ever since I flirted with anarcism in my early 20s and developed my civil libertarianism. I don’t like the idea that government can decide to take the property of individuals because of some vague concept of “greater good.” But, that being said, eminent domain is a necessary practicality – without eminent domain we would have fewer highways, power plants, and so forth. Basically, if we want public projects, we need some degree of eminent domain written into constitutions. Read More

Vegucated (2010, Marisa Miller Wolfson)

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This is an advocacy film for veganism. However, if you are vegan and thinking of watching it, know that it is directed at non-vegans and may feel condescending if you have, say, seen Food Inc. The film is too focused on the director (frankly until the “contest” started, I really didn’t give a shit what her personal choices were). It fails to adequately show whether or not Miller Wolfson chose a reasonable set of people who could be expected to be dubious about the diet. The filmmakers fail to understand that people make the choices they make by habit and Read More