Tag: Alternative Metal

1993, Music

Judgment Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1993)

I know this record was a big deal to fans of these bands at the time, but I had literally no idea about it until an anniversary of it maybe 5 years ago. I had low expectations, despite how many of these rock bands I like.

1998, Music

Follow the Leader (1998) by Korn

Despite being everywhere for a chunk of my high school years, I have very little memory of Korn now. Had you asked me before I listened to this album what I remember of them, I might have been able to come up with the name of “Freak on a Leash”…maybe. I bet I would have …

1998, Music

°BSΩLE+e (1998) by Fear Factory

I have still not listened to all that much industrial metal in my life, given how much metal I’ve listened to, and so I can’t really say where this sits in the evolution of the genre. The only thing I can really say is that it sounds a whole hell of a lot better than …

1998, Music

Leitmotif (1998) by dredg

Apparently these guys were Nu Metal once upon a time. You can sometimes hear that in the vocals – without actually knowing anything about Linkin Park, I’d say I hear a similarity in the way this guy sings – but on the whole the idea that this was a Nu Metal band on their EPs …

1997, Music

Around the Fur (1997) by Deftones

Whenever I first heard the Deftones, I thought they were Nu Metal. I thought that because a) they were definitely marketed as part of that moment in time by the music video channels and b) I wasn’t one who was going to discern – it was all noise to me. Later on, I read some …

1991, Music

Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991) by Primus

Les Claypool is probably the closest rock music has ever come to a “Jimi Hendrix of the bass,” but he will forever be underknown because of his desire to play in his own band and follow his own whims. And those whims are…weird. As others have noted, this is Funk Metal meets Frank Zappa (and …

1996, Music

Evil Empire (1996) by Rage Against the Machine

Unlike earlier “rap metal” fusion bands (who were extremely funk influenced), and unlike future Nu Metal bands (who incorporated a great deal more hip hop-style production), what Rage does is pretty straightforward: hard rock riff plus political rap plus a guitar riff and/or solo that sounds like it might have been created by a turntable. …

1996, Music

Roots (1996) by Sepultura

I don’t know Sepultura. I’ve heard literally one song of theirs before on a compilation. But listening to this, it’s hard for me to understand why people reject it, even if there are traces of Nu Metal. Without hearing Chaos AD (and so being pretty uninformed, I guess), this sounds like an absolutely crazy, almost …

2006, Music

Come Clarity (2006) by In Flames

Call me crazy, but of the two In Flames releases I’ve heard, I like this one more. It feels a little more varied than the other album of theirs that I’ve managed to listen to, and it feels like the band may have some (slight) versatility. This is still not my favourite stuff – the …