To Mega Therion (1985) by Celtic Frost

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I don’t particularly listen to Black Metal or Death Metal. I don’t listen to them because the idea of a band focusing on just one style for album after album bores me. So I can’t really say too much about this and its purported historical importance on both of those sub-genres. Apparently it helped establish Black Metal as a thing. And, according to some, it was also an early Death Metal landmark. I’m not really sure which is more true and, frankly, it’s probably an arbitrary thing. So all I can comment on is the actual music: for 1985, this Read More

Until the Light Takes Us (2008, Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites)

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Here is a subject seemingly perfect for a documentary: why the founders of Norwegian black metal were compelled to commit the crimes that they did. And here are interviews with many of the principals which would also seem great fodder for a documentary: they are remarkably candid. And yet the film just doesn’t work: it is badly edited and paced, horribly over-scored (sometimes with music that seems ridiculously inappropriate to the subject), features some truly ridiculous location titles (“Oslo, Noway” is followed by “Oslo, Norway”…) and barely gives any sense of context if you are not from Norway, or if Read More