Tag: Black Metal

1994, Music

In the Nightside Eclipse (1994) by Emperor

I really enjoyed Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, the follow up to this record, because I really had no idea what I getting into, and figured it was just some run of the mill black metal. I am listening to this one after that one because apparently like to do things out of order.

1998, Music

Cruelty and the Beast (1998) by Cradle of Filth

I usually have no problem with weird voices. Sure, there’s the odd one that rubs me the wrong way but, more often than not, I can ignore or even enjoy a weird voice when I hear it if I like everything else about the music (and especially if that voice is talented).

2008, Movies

Until the Light Takes Us (2008, Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites)

Here is a subject seemingly perfect for a documentary: why the founders of Norwegian black metal were compelled to commit the crimes that they did. And here are interviews with many of the principals which would also seem great fodder for a documentary: they are remarkably candid.