Confederation Part I: Confederation and Riel (part of The History of the Village of Small Huts) Live at Soulpepper Tuesday July 11, 2017

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This is the second staging of a 1988 set of two 1-act plays which are part of the 21 1-act play cycle, The History of the Village of Small Huts, performed by Video Cabaret, a troupe that uses tableau and total darkness to give essentially soundbite snippets of Canadian history. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it. Read More

Alice (2002) by Tom Waits

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So expectations were going to be high for something like this; a “lost” album from a theatrical production ten years earlier. No doubt many people came to this expecting the “lost masterpiece” that we almost always associate with the work major artists don’t record / release. Well it’s not that, but the idea that it’s bad, as some recent RYM reviewer’s allege, is equally preposterous. It’s certainly a major change in tone from the incredible Bone Machine, which was released only a few months after the show premiered. But that shows off Waits’ versatility, if anything, and that’s something he Read More

We Need a New F-Word (2005) by Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People

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This is the kind of thing I feel I should eat up: it’s revivalist cabaret with clear doses of jazz, “classical” music, an awareness of punk, and a surprisingly good set of songs underlying it. But I feel like these guys never quite get to their potential; they could be so much more raucous, so much more extreme in their moments of dissonance, and a little more varied. To me, that would elevate what is a very polished act that is sort of dwelling in another century – at least in part – to something really notable in this century. Read More