The log for Saturday July 1, 2017 Canada Day

Categories: 2017, Daily Log, and Personal.

What I Ate Breakfast: cream cheese and jam on toast; smoothie; glass of tea Lunch: halves of 5 beers; 4 pork dumplings; half a strawberry lemonade; half a tamale Afternoon: blackberry and guava gelato Dinner: chicken burger; vegetables Dessert: 2 caesers (happy Canada day!), 1 rye and ginger (ditto); chips What I Did for Exercise Walked to Dovercourt and Bloor, walked down the stairs at Ossington station, jogged up the stairs at Sherbourne, walked from Sherbourne station to the Brickworks Walked from the Brickworks to Bay Station Walked down the stairs at Bay, jogged up the stairs at Ossington, walked Read More