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2018, Books, Non-Fiction

Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (2018) by Anand Giridharadas

This is a passionate, almost incendiary at times, argument that rich people who claim to want to improve the world cannot do it, based, interestingly, in part on interviews with a few of those rich people. I think it’s really worth reading, even if I think it could be better argued and though I do …

2013, Books, Non-Fiction

Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City (2013) by Russell Shorto

When I was in high school and even when I was in university we learned liberalism like this: The Magna Carta invented “responsible government” Thomas Hobbes invented the liberal constitution but his king had too much power John Locke took the Hobbesian constitution and paired it with better institutions and gave us liberalism Then the …