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Treason is what you make it

I am a regular viewer of the Amazing Race, the only “reality” show I can handle which isn’t cooking-related. I am aware that the show is not exactly what it seems, as I am aware that it is edited and that the crew manipulate the results. I don’t care. I enjoy the “race” aspect of …

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Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

The Harlem Children’s Zone estimates that it takes $5000 per child per year to bring these kids out of their situation and up to the level of potential college students. The US annual budget was $2.979 trillion in 2008, and the portion spent on the military was 21% at minimum, that’s over $625 billion dollars …

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I read an editorial in the Star the other day that was absurd. While there are many good reasons for asserting / defending Canadian sovereignty in the Northwest Passage (at least until Canada joins the New World State), terrorism is not one of them. However, this editorial asserted, seriously as far as I can tell, …