The Fat of the Land (1997) by Prodigy

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Like everyone on the planet I have heard the three singles more times than I can count. The only reason those tracks don’t sound so dated is because I’ve heard them so much; they were so much a part of my late ’90s high school life even though I didn’t even understand what electronic music was. Read More

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992) by Aphex Twin

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I am familiar with electronic music up until a point – that point is somewhere in the very early 80s. I have no idea what happened between then and the music we have today (save for the odd track that gets played too much or turned into stadium music). Read More

Some of My Best Friends Are DJs (2003) by Kid Koala

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I think I like this record even more than the debut. It’s roughly the same kind of idea – collages of music and voice samples, created for musical or humourous effect – but this record feels more “musical” to me, more indicative of his clear musical talent. This is particularly true in how he uses samples of solo instruments to solo over his track, such as on the opening track, which is basically his version of an old jazz ballad. It’s pretty cool. Not my thing usually, but it’s pretty cool stuff. 8/10 Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2000) by Kid Koala

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I know nothing about electronic music and even less about turntabilism. My only exposure to the latter comes through an obscure Canadian jazz record that features some. So I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m told this record is a landmark in the genre, because before it, turntabilists just showed off their instrumental skills over some generic beats. If that’s true, then this must seem like it’s from another planet. Instead of generic beats, we get a collage of sounds and voice samples, manipulated by Kid Koala, often to humourous effect, and often acting as a statement about Read More

Hildegard (2012) by Steve Wishart, Sinfonie

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I’m all for the radical reworking of old music, really I am. I love it when someone reinterprets old music in new original ways. But it’s really hard to see what Wishart is bringing to Hildegard’s music here that is original or interesting. Moreover, so much of this is just Hildegard’s music, it’s hard to understand why we’re supposed to view this as “a stunning creative re-imagining of choral evensong.” Most of the disc is just the latter, and the parts where he adds things, well I feel like I could have done this (which is really, really, not very Read More

Geocidal (2014) by tetema

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Mike Patton has long been one of my favourite rock musicians. And I think he has also made some objectively great music; at least six albums he has been involved with I would put on my “core” list of important music a neophyte should listen to. (For your reference, those albums are, in chronological order: Angel Dust, King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime, Disco Volante, California, The Director’s Cut, and Anonymous.) But even though it really hasn’t been that long since the last one of those (7 years), it sure has felt like a long time to me. I Read More

The Faming Lips and Heady Fwends (2012)

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I want to make some kind of Supernatural joke but I can’t come up with one. I am all for pushing your creative boundaries, I think it is great that the Lips are being absolutely ridiculous with all these odd EPs and special releases. I won’t listen to most of it, but good for them for being ridiculous. I don’t see this compilation of collaborations to be consistent because of the collaborators; it’s actually quite consistent, amazingly enough. My problem lies elsewhere. This may sound weird, and it’s probably idiotic, but to me some of the tracks – the “rockers” Read More

Amygdala (2013) by DJ Koze

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I don’t know anything about this kind of music, which I guess means it’s a good thing that I’m listening to it. I can’t judge it based on this guy’s career or what the genre does or is supposed to sound like. I really have no idea about context here. All I know is what I hear. So this is reasonably interesting stuff. There is a fair amount of variation to keep one interested. And the sounds are drawn from all sorts of sources. It’s easy to see why some people really like this stuff. But on the other hand Read More

Find the Others ([label unknown] 2011)

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Though, like many soundtracks and pseudo-soundtracks, it is tough to judge this without the accompanying pictures / film, I will do so anyway. Without the pictures to distract us, we are left with the music. And the music isn’t particularly compelling. It is like so much independent music these days, which seeks to combine post-rocky “soundscapes” and song-craft, giving the album an extremely uneven feel. Some of this sounds like it is the post-rock equivalent to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and some of it sounds like a folk singer (or two) with way too many musical toys Read More

Smells Like Children by Marilyn Manson (Nothing 1995)

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First of all, this is not an “EP” though it is regarded by many (fortunately not Rateyourmusic) as such. EPs were specific things back in the days of vinyl and they had less time than a LP. I wish this was an EP. It might actually be good if it was an actual EP. But it’s not. Instead it is a mix of three or four separate things: some remixes (which are inferior to – and seemingly longer than – the original songs in most of the cases), a bunch of covers (most of which are good and one of Read More