Tag: Environmentalism

2013, Books, Non-Fiction

The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future (2013) by Paul Sabin

This is an interesting book ostensibly about a bet between a biologist and an economist over the earth’s future, but really about the problems of extremism and the folly of prediction.

2003, Books, Non-Fiction

Democracy’s Dilemma (2003 MIT) by Robert C. Paehlke

This is a pretty excellent summary of the issues facing us human beings when globalization is only thought of in economic terms. Paehlke’s strength is that he is moderate; too often we hear either “Globalization is evil” or “Globalization is great” and obviously neither is true. Paehlke approaches the subject from a perspective that is …

2011, Movies

The Island President (2011, Jon Shenk)

This is an affecting movie about the potential crisis we as a world (and specifically, anyone living close to the ocean without a hill in the way) are likely facing in the next few decades. The filmmakers have found a very charismatic man to follow around and it makes the whole thing a lot more …