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The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future (2013) by Paul Sabin

This is an interesting book ostensibly about a bet between a biologist and an economist over the earth’s future, but really about the problems of extremism and the folly of prediction.

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Belated NHL Playoff Prediction Revisions

Note: I am struggling with the playoffs this year. I really am. I like none of the teams left. I used to like LA back when they set the “man games lost to injury” record yet still almost made the playoffs. But I frankly don’t like this team. They only score now? They are where …

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3rd Round Predictions

NHL: Unfortunately I think TB will beat Boston in 6 but I really hope not (incidentally I have been thinking Boston would win a cup soon for two years, but I reneged in the last few months) Vancouver over SJ in 5 I really, really hope Tampa doesn’t win a second cup. I don’t want …

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Revised NBA Playoff Predictions

East: Bulls 4 vs. Hawks 1 Celtics 4 vs. Heat 3 (I hope I hope I hope, and I hope the Celtics are healthy, because no way they are winning banged up)   Conference Final: Bulls 4 vs. Celtics 2 West: OKC 4 vs. Memphis 1 (assuming) Dallas 4 vs. LAL 3…kidding, in my dreams. …

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Revised NHL Playoff Predictions

Okay, so I didn’t do so horribly… East: Washington 4 vs. TB 1 Philadelphia 4 vs. Boston 2   Conference Final: Washington 4 vs. Philly 2   West: Vancouver 4 vs. Nashville 1 on paper, maybe actually something like Vancouver 4 Nashville 3…who knows with these head cases Detroit 4 vs. San Jose 3   …

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NBA Playoff Predictions

Totally forgot to do this and probably won’t have time tomorrow.   East: Chicago vs. Indiana: Chicago in 5 Miami vs. Philly: Miami in 7 Boston vs. New York: I really hope Celtics in 6 but maybe 7, maybe upset Orlando vs. Atlanta: Orlando in 5   Semis: Chicago vs. Orlando: Chicago in 6 Miami …

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This Leafs Team Won’t Win a Cup

Further to my last post, I have so little confidence in this half-assed rebuild that I am willing to bet anyone a 2-4 (of good beer, not Canadian or Blue) that a Leafs team featuring Kadri, Kessel, Schenn and Phaneuf as four of the five top skaters (in minutes) will never win a Stanley Cup. …

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NHL 2010-11 Predictions

I like to make predictions each year for the Stanley Cup but this year I am having a really hard time. No one team strikes me as being particularly stronger than the herd. Chicago is clearly not as good as they were last year and though I can’t help but think of them as a …

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About last night…

So there’s this folk singer. Steve something. Can’t remember his last name. He does covers and his own songs. I ask him if he’ll play some Neil Young. And he does. He plays “Mr. Soul”. I am happy. But he says Neil Young didn’t write it. He says Neil Young just sang it. He says …

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Palin is coming to Hamilton

I don’t know why she’s coming to Hamilton. I can guess. Supposedly she’s coming to speak at a hospital fundraiser. I figure she’s really coming because she’s already spoken everywhere in the US that would take her. Though she is probably the dumbest politician I have ever seen (dumber than Quale, and that’s saying something), …

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The predictions I should have made hours ago

My (yet again) revised playoff predictions: Detroit in 6 (before I watched the game, I swear) Pittsburgh in 6 And now that I know the Lakers have moved on, Nuggets in 7. I think Cleveland will lose one game to Orlando or two games to Boston.