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2013, Books, Non-Fiction

The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future (2013) by Paul Sabin

This is an interesting book ostensibly about a bet between a biologist and an economist over the earth’s future, but really about the problems of extremism and the folly of prediction.

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Belated NHL Playoff Prediction Revisions

Note: I am struggling with the playoffs this year. I really am. I like none of the teams left. I used to like LA back when they set the “man games lost to injury” record yet still almost made the playoffs. But I frankly don’t like this team. They only score now? They are where …

2009, Politics, Society

Palin is coming to Hamilton

I don’t know why she’s coming to Hamilton. I can guess. Supposedly she’s coming to speak at a hospital fundraiser. I figure she’s really coming because she’s already spoken everywhere in the US that would take her. Though she is probably the dumbest politician I have ever seen (dumber than Quale, and that’s saying something), …