Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991) by Mudhoney

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This is a strong, particularly grungy grunge record, with a bit more of a roots feel than some of the other grunge records from the period. I really like the aesthetic – especially because it is a little more musically diverse than I was expecting – but I find the songs not quite up to par compared to some of the other major grunge bands. (For example, Ten has way better songs but has dated horribly compared to this record.) Maybe I’ll come to like the songs more in time, but I still like the record a lot and I Read More

Aass Cobra (1996) by Turbonegro

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For some reason I always thought these guys were going to be Black Metal. I guess I just assumed that because of their name, and because their Norwegian. But they’re not Black Metal, obviously. I think I’d normally be kind of reluctant to get really excited about straight ahead hardcore in 1996 were it not for their demented sense of humour. To put it in perspective, these guys might be the most offensive band not named Anal Cunt. (At least as far as my knowledge of music goes.) “The Midnight NAMBLA” is not only a great pun, but it’s definitely Read More

Destination Love: Live! At Cold Rice (1996) by The Make Up

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When I first listened to this faux-live album I thought “Holy MC5 Batman.” At least initially, this band sounded like they were just MC5 worshipers, albeit in the best of ways. But that’s a really superficial reading of this music and also a misunderstanding of both this band and the MC5, who may be inspired by some of the same things. On closer listening, this is much more than just the Garage Rock revival it appears to be. It’s right for them to call their style gospel, as this is firmly influenced by the same gospel tradition that influenced the Read More