1971 (2014, Johanna Hamilton)

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This is an interesting, albeit brief, look at a crime in 1971 that resulted in the first ever whistle blowing on the American government (to my knowledge, anyway). A bunch of radical hippies broke into an FBI office and released the files to the press and Congress. The film is your standard talking heads + pictures documentary (with the exception of some brief reenactments) but its value is in the story which had never been told previously (at least on film). Fascinating stuff, and relevant given the state of affairs today. 7/10 Read More

Do Not Vote for the Harper Conservatives: Good Reasons for conservatives to choose another party

Categories: 2015.

Almost everything on Facebook is meme-y, which is why I am unlikely to ever post something here that I see on Faceebook. Memes – especially political memes – are almost inherently simplistic and, usually, unreliable. But every so often, there is something different, something that is actually worth sharing beyond the echo-chamber of my Facebook friends. Today I have something from a Facebook user I do not know. He expresses the real reasons to not vote for the Harper Conservatives this election, in about as eloquent a way as I have read, and in as about as respect full way Read More

Why is metaphysics dangerous in the hands of those who govern us?

Categories: Philosophy, Politics, and Society.

Metaphysics, i.e the study of “things” outside of physical reality, is incredibly dangerous for politics. But first, why do we use metaphysics? For some reason or other, human beings need to use abstracts to express themselves. We cannot always refer our ideas to concrete things. There is a whole field of philosophy that studies this and related issues but I have no time for it. I am concerned with reality and politics, so philosophical disagreements over why we need abstracts are of no interest. But basically we need concepts that are not physically real in order to communicate. So, metaphysics Read More