Tag: Grunge

1988, Music

Ultramage OK (1988) by Soundgarden

Chris Cornell apparently didn’t like the production of their debut and I must say that, as someone who is really familiar with their ’90s efforts, this doesn’t sound like Soundgarden to me. Even Cornell himself doesn’t quite sound like himself. I’m not sure how much that can be blamed on the production, how much it …

1993, Music

Houdini (1993) by Melvins

One of the great things about the early 1990s is the signing frenzy the major labels went on trying to find the next Nirvana; as my friend once put it, not trying to find the next Nirvana sound-alike, but the next band that would break an entire genre, which would be the centre of an …

1993, Music

Where You Been (1993) by Dinosaur Jr

There’s a part of me that listens to this and thinks “it’s another Dinosaur Jr. record, you shouldn’t rate it this high!” I have this obsession with artists who evolve. When artists don’t evolve (enough) I used to dock them points (as if they cared). The older I get, the less I care about this, …

1992, Music

Dirty (1992) by Sonic Youth

This album has a reputation for being some kind of sort of pseudo sell out thing, which is something that only the ’90s alternative scene could have ever ascribed to an album this uncommercial. But Butch Vig is here, and there are recognizable songs, so it must be a sell out!

1996, Music

From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah by Nirvana (Geffen 1996)

Most – or at least a majority of – live albums are compilations. It is fairly rare when an album is just a show (though the most famous – and best – live rock album in history is from one show, but that is the exception not the rule); far more often they are tour …

1993, Music

In Utero by Nirvana (Geffen 1993)

This is, to my ears, a significant improvement on their most famous album. First off, its better produced! Hooray! Much of the gloss is gone, thank science. Second, the songs are generally more mature. We still get a healthy dose of sentiments I can’t relate too but there are far more I can. And there’s …