The Faming Lips and Heady Fwends (2012)

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I want to make some kind of Supernatural joke but I can’t come up with one. I am all for pushing your creative boundaries, I think it is great that the Lips are being absolutely ridiculous with all these odd EPs and special releases. I won’t listen to most of it, but good for them for being ridiculous. I don’t see this compilation of collaborations to be consistent because of the collaborators; it’s actually quite consistent, amazingly enough. My problem lies elsewhere. This may sound weird, and it’s probably idiotic, but to me some of the tracks – the “rockers” Read More

Amygdala (2013) by DJ Koze

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I don’t know anything about this kind of music, which I guess means it’s a good thing that I’m listening to it. I can’t judge it based on this guy’s career or what the genre does or is supposed to sound like. I really have no idea about context here. All I know is what I hear. So this is reasonably interesting stuff. There is a fair amount of variation to keep one interested. And the sounds are drawn from all sorts of sources. It’s easy to see why some people really like this stuff. But on the other hand Read More