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2017, Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017, James Gunn)

I don’t know what kind of ill-humour causes me to not love these movies as much as the next guy, but I was pretty damn underwhelmed by the (possibly over-hyped) first Guardians of the Galaxy and really had no plans to watch this one, unless I was bored one day looking through Netflix (which is how …

2016, Movies

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016, Bryan Singer)

The stakes got upped a bit in the previous entry and so I must say I was worried about the endless stake-upping occurring in this series, like it does with the Avengers movies. And, to an extent, it does. The bad guy is a different kind of world-threatening baddie this time, but at least he’s …

2016, Movies

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015, Joss Whedon)

I pretty much only watch Marvel movies when I am looking for something I don’t have to think about. Civil War was just added so I figured I’d watch that, drastic myself from my surgery tomorrow. But then I remembered I hadn’t seen this one, so I figured I’d watch it. SPOILERS I guess

2015, Movies

Ant-Man (2015, Peyton Reed)

This is a reasonably enjoyable “goofy” Marvel movie, of the kind that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it has to be, since the whole idea of Ant-Man seems kind of ridiculous. There are some rather massive plot issues that would drive me insane if it wasn’t amusing. It’s not so amusing that I really …

2008, Movies

Iron Man (2008, Jon Favreau)

I think I would have enjoyed this more had I not seen The Avengers first and so been previously exposed to Downey’s charms in this role. That being said, I think I like this more than the early X-Men films and certainly more than most of the other Marvel films I’ve seen. It’s entertaining and …

2011, Movies

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011, Joe Johnston)

The origin story for this particular avenger is an unbalanced mix of propaganda and satire of such propaganda, it’s hard to tell which it is. (It’s also hysterical that Marvel decided there were worse things than the Nazis…) This film is entirely too rah rah rah (though sometimes it’s at least aware of it) and …

2011, Movies

X-Men: First Class (2011, Mathew Vaughn)

As a child, the X-Men were my favourite super heroes but for reasons I will no go into, I have not found the various X-Men films that I have seen particularly compelling. The first film was better than most of the other comic book movies of its era, but I did not enjoy the second …