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2001, Music

Young Miles (1945-50, 2001) by Miles Davis et al. (1945-50, 2001)

For die-hard fans of Miles Davis, or for people really interested in how cool came out of bop, this is probably pretty nearly essential.

1957, Music

Round About Midnight by Miles Davis (1957, Columbia)

Convention has it that this is a hard bop landmark, but I still here a fair amount of cool on the record. That’s just nitpicking I guess; but I just find it odd that people discuss this in terms of one genre not the other.

1968, Music

Nefertiti by Miles Davis (1968 Colbumbia)

This is probably best known as Miles Davis’ last wholly “acoustic” album, before he began to embrace fusion and abandon bop. (What “acoustic” means in this context is twofold: the instruments are not amplified and also the studio editing is not obvious.) But that makes it sound like it is somehow more conservative than it …